Linux tape drive mount software

I ordered the tape drive and wanted to mount it internally or perhaps in. Any ways, i have had about a week or so now of working with this thing and thought i would share a bit of my experiences so far. Useful linux tape backup commands red hat customer portal. External tape drive installation on red hat linux i have an external hp storageworks ultrium 448 tape drive that i want to install on proliant ml 370 g5 server running red hat linux. This information is intended for use with the installation and operation instructions that accompany your tape drive. The scsi tape drive interface and driver is widely regarded as the most reliable, but, of course, scsi tape drives are also more expensive than others.

Integrating a tape drive into a linux system tandberg. Integrating a tape drive into a linux system tandberg data. Anyway, the purpose of installing linux is to see how tape drive works with this os. You can read more about tape drives naming convention used under linux. If you have an autochanger, you should now go back to the btape program and run. How to mount removable drives and network locations in the. To use a tape drive with a linux workstation, you need to be running the linux. The tape drive has a scsi interface and didnt come with any installation cd. Usually, tape devices are all hooked up to unix boxes, and. It has now disappeared but still shows fine in device manager. I have a lot of media and video content i want to make permanent backups for and thought to myself why not a tape drive. This solution is part of red hats fasttrack publication program, providing a huge library. Question is how do i find the tape and how do i mount it so i can restore the data.

Scsi tapes use the names devst0, devnst0, devst1, devnst1, and so on. You need to use mt command while working with tape drive. This manual page documents the tape control program mt. Now what i have done so far is to connect and install my scsi card but when i connected two different tape drives, the linux system is not able to detect the tape drive. The default tape drive under linux is devst0 first scsi tape device name. In linux and unixlike system, the mt command is used to control operations of the tape drive, such as finding status or seeking through files on a tape or writing tape control marks to the tape. Im just starting off my experience with tape drives and one of our sites have been backing up to their tape drive with the drive mapped and shared as a normal windows drive. Get optomas nuforce be free5 at and use code 20linustt to save 20%.

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