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Extra super contributions could pay off over the long term. The superannuation dashboard provides nearrealtime response rates and availability status information for supertick. Members should hold the investment for a minimum of 5 years. Mysuper dashboard fees our dashboard is designed to give you a snapshot of information to help you easily compare energy supers mysuper with other mysuper products to make informed decisions. We have a strong heritage in the superannuation industry, trusted as a reliable provider of retirement benefits to members for over 85 years. Mysuper products that must be made available on superannuation fund. Prime super abn 60 562 335 823 is issued by prime super pty ltd abn 81 067 241 016, afsl 219723. Mysuper is a government initiative to provide lowcost, simple super product as a default super arrangement. Togethr trustees pty ltd abn 64 006 964 049 as trustee of the equipsuper superannuation fund abn 33 8 823 017 refer to equipsuper s financial services guide. Our costeffective, realtime solutions and online dashboard provide you with a. The return target shown in this product dashboard is different from that objective and is calculated in accordance with the requirements that apply to mysuper. Find and combine any lost super with our combine my. You can use this to compare our mysuper product with other mysuper products. Comparison between return target and return, mysuperdashboard.

Plus growth balanced growth mysuper balanced conservative 5 2. Which makes super an essential tool in any investment portfolio. There are two login links for equipsuper employers. It allows you to build a nest egg, and helps ensure youll have a sustainable income when youre retired. The software for the programmers are updated every 2 weeks. Our information technology systems use uptodate security software. If you dont choose which investment options to invest your super in, it will be.

Any super accounts, including your current equipsuper account or money held by the ato will be shown in the results section. If you havent chosen a super fund your employer must pay your super into a mysuper fund. This dashboard is designed to help you better understand the investment return, risks and fees for sunsupers mysuperapproved lifecycle investment strategy. This dashboard can be used to compare core pool our mysuperauthorised default investment option with other mysuper products. Mysuper dashboard this dashboard provides information on australiansupers balanced mysuper authorised option. Find out how to combine your other super accounts into unisuper. How can i boost my super with voluntary contributions. Employees paid under the community development employment program. Read the latest investment update and see how your super has performed. The product dashboard sets out important information about our four mysuper default lifecycle strategy investment options.

Super advice, usually at no extra charge to futuresaver members. This came out of the governments stronger super reforms. Provide your tfn through your personal details page, then you will be able to do a search. Dispatch dashboard is used to manage orders, drivers, and billing. This was one of the reasons behind the equip mysuper default.

Superannuation and transition to retirement pension returns april 2020. The mysuper dashboard provides a summary of the investment performance, risk and fees for amps mysuper options. If you are unsure about which link you should use, please contact our helpline 1800 682 626. Click the view your results link to view your results. Futuresaver simple super for all australians vicsuper. Super can manipulate and produce many multimedia file formats supported by its backend programs. Financial planning advice is provided by first state super financial services pty limited abn 37 096 452 318 afsl no.

However, as the target returns for the investment options within the mysuper age based investment strategy were not set over a tenyear. The information shown in the product dashboard is based on a representative member with an. Superconcepts suite of marketleading smsf administration services frees up your time to focus on what you do best. Your investment options equip mysuper dashboard your investment choices. Togethr trustees pty ltd togethr, the trustee of the equipsuper fund. Information sheet info 170 mysuper product dashboard. With your consent, if you do provide your tax file number, we may use it to identify any multiple accounts that you may have within the superannuation industry and consolidate these into a single account of your choice. You should select the link appropriate for the online payments facility that you have signed up to use.

This dashboard is set out to help you better understand the funds investment return, risks and fees in relation to our hostplus balanced mysuper option. Equipsuper 1,988 followers on linkedin super fair and square since 1931 equip is recognised as one of australias most dynamic and innovative super funds and has a long history of providing. The product dashboard is based on our understanding of the calculations and other requirements prescribed by the law including regulatory standards applicable to a product dashboard. Your tax file number may also be used to assist in location lost superannuation monies collected by the ato. Hostplus, equipsuper, first super, lucrf, media super, mtaa, twusuper. It can also provide a range of tax benefits and government incentives. Superannuation is a great way to save and invest for the future. Supersaas is a selfservice system, which means that all of our clients set up their own system with the use of the support links and stepbystep tutorials. The product dashboard rules require that we use this heading. Founded in 1931, were one of australias oldest superannuation funds. The dashboard also outlines the level of investment risk and the statement of fees and costs for this option. Age, working income, super drawdown, age pension, longevity drawdown, spouse working income, spouse super drawdown, super. The risk level of this option is medium to high, with a likelihood of negative returns occurring 3. A lifestage fund invests your super based on the decade you were born and the.

The project was created in the mind of marta szymanska, who was studying the contrast of. Learn more about the different types of super funds. View the investment returns and unit prices of each investment option. Equip offers a range of insurance services, and complimentary benefits from partners like covermore. Product dashboards at bt, weve chosen a lifestage fund for our mysuper investment option to ensure your super suits you. Account balance appears in the account balance column of the dashboard, or via the navigation menu. The following information is provided to help members compare avsupers growth mysuper investment option with other funds mysuper products. Mysuper product dashboard this product dashboard is for virgin money mysuper lifestage tracker, the mysuper product for virgin money super, a plan in the mercer super trust. Super sexy software started in spirit in 20, when the first echoes of the shattering started to take form.

Download software for xeltek superpro universal ic programmers. Kpmg super insights dashboard, kpmgs data analytics and insights team would be more than happy to. Theres no catch, we just think its part of what you should get as a vicsuper member. Ato superannuation dashboard australian taxation office. For members who dont nominate a preferred investment options, the equip mysuper is the default investment option. Mysuper product dashboard requirements for superannuation trustees this information sheet gives guidance to superannuation trustees and other persons in relation to the product dashboard. Mysuper product dashboard use this dashboard to compare our balanced mysuper option formerly mysuper conservative balanced with other mysuper products. If your super has been sent to ausfund, your old account was not receiving.

We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. A product disclosure statement is available from the issuer by calling 1800 675 839. This dashboard is for members with any part of their account invested in our balanced mysuper option. Mysuper product dashboard mysuper is a g overnment initiative providing lowcost and simple super solutions for employers to choose as their default funds. The return values shown on this dashboard are different to the investment performance shown in our product disclosure statement pds and elsewhere on our website.

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