Ordsall chord construction book

The great thing about the ordsall chord project is the amazing empty land surrounding it, which must be a dream for all involved in the project. Bridge construction in sea, complete video of gulf bridges duration. Passengers cheered as the northern rail train crossed the irwell beneath the distinctive steel spokes of. The ordsall chord in manchester, uk is a new railway viaduct and. The flowing ribbon form of this dramatic new railway bridge for the ordsall chord is. Ordsall chord timelapse bridge replacement youtube. The civil engineering construction accounts for only 38 pages, with. Innovative digital design delivery for the ordsall chord in. The moment when the uks first network arch railway bridge ordsall chord transformed manchesters skyline.

The ordsall chord book is introduced by the lead director from the. Ordsall chord is a short railway line in ordsall, salford, england, which links manchester. The ordsall chord project is a key part of the program. The final piece of network rails new ordsall chord has been lifted into position over the banks of the river irwell. The network arch is visually merged with the girder spans above trinity way by. The river irwell crossing is the first network arch bridge in the uk. The reason the ordsall chord is supposed to be rusty and why its.

The ordsall chord rail link project in manchester, uk was designed using building. The structure consists of a tied arch with a network of hangers. Time lapse footage showing the removal of the old bridge at water street and the installation of two new bridges to support the connection of the ordsall chord. Ordsall chord alliance forged the construction index.

Design, procurement and coordination of the ordsall chord rail. Describing the design of this structure, bdp lead architect peter jenkins says. Network rail has formed an official construction partnership to build the new ordsall chord in manchester. Manchesters missing link by james davies, rob havercroft isbn. Ordsall chords final lift video the construction index. The rusty ordsall chord railway line has won a coveted. Chord construction formulas ted greene last update.

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