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Not only was his size intimating but the mean grin on. Chanyeol is only given a week to do it all over again, although he already knows how it ends. Now including hgtv, food network, tlc, investigation discovery, and much more. I bet vampy over here will just go back to compulsion, baekhyun scoffs, rolling his eyes. Flash fiction is a medium of brief and enclosed stories. Noun countable and uncountable, plural crack fics 1. Social security administration public data, the first name chanyeol was not present.

Chanyeol is the son of the ceo of park corporations who doesnt know what the hell hes doing with his life. The whole harry potter gang are strippers in a new york club. Chanyeol was admitted to a private acting institution when he was sixteen years old, where he became good friends with block b. Huan zi tao adalah seorang malaikat yang bertugas menangkap setan di bumi, tapi satu setan pun tidak ia dapatkan. It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. I was tall but he was at least 6ft 5 and had muscles bulging in places i didnt even think was possible. Dec 30, 2017 now including hgtv, food network, tlc, investigation discovery, and much more. Feb 10, 2017 chanyeol is known for has various side projects outside of exo, and it appears his latest one involves masquerading around as a secret composer. Park chanyeol born november 27, 1992, better known by the mononym chanyeol, is a south korean rapper, singer, songwriter and actor. They are neighbours and chanyeol is tired of sleepless nights because of the moans he can hear. Park chanyeol exo no matter how difficult something is, i will always be positive and smile like an idiot no matter how difficult something is, i will always be positive and smile like an idiot. Baekhyun is that annoying sassy intern who thinks hes above everybody else. This list exists to provide a quick, easy explanation of what all those strange fanfiction terms, slang, and acronyms actually mean as in the wonderful world of fandom. Park chanyeol exo no matter how difficult something is, i will always be positive and smile like an idiot.

Beneath the blanket of his taut skin, his blood flowed freely, furiously, tenacious in its desire to clutch every emotion by its throat. The cracking and snapping continued, resounding in places all around the. I will read others upon suggestion, but i dont normally go looking for them. And check out some fanfics that are over 1,000 years old in 5 reasons pop culture is run by fan fiction. Chanyeol speaks up about instagrammer lily maymac allkpop. It is a glossary of definitions for all the common, anime and fandomspecific story terminology compiled into one easy place to help welcome new readers and writers into the. Park chanyeol, a victim who got taken into the gang for his talents, was the best sniper but had a lot of love for the living. First impression of chanyeol is that he is someone with a very cute appearance, but once he starts talking everyone will realise his personality is exaggerated and his very ott with his reaction.

He debuted in 2012 as a member of the south koreanchinese boy group exo and its subunit exok. A story plot, idea, or character pairing that is so insane or stupid that it could only make sense while on drugs. Chanyeol tightened his heavy, lanky arm around baekhyuns waist, pinning his lovely boyfriend to his body. Fanfiction crack n term used to describe fanfiction that is completly and utterly random,and makes no sense. I looked over to see some of the exo members singing a beautiful melody as one was dressed in a tux and walking to me. I smiled awkwardly and was about to crack some random jokes until the spotlight went from me to somewhere else. The birthnames of exo and their meanings so, because im weird, i decided one day to look up the meanings of the hanja or plain old chinese characters in everyones birth names. Crackpot definition is one given to eccentric or lunatic notions. The easiest type of fanfic to write, and one of the hardest to write well. Special ones meaning i either always go back to reread this fic or cant seem. Chanyeol would be freaked out if he wasnt so used to kyungsoo randomly deciding to stare at him for hours at a time. Read chanyeol from the story exo facts english by happytrifriends with 14,046 reads. As a teenager, kyungsoo was surrendered to the government.

This is freaking crazy tbh ur boi aka me, is s h o o k. Apr 11, 2014 well this was interesting to read exo analysis meanings of exo memberas names xiumin. Referring to the erratic behaviour of a person on crack cocaine. Feb 05, 2016 so i finally made a chanyeol on crack. That didnt stop him from enrolling into the red sun academy, which was full of those snooty, privileged jerks. After all, how could you fit the love of a lifetime into just one week. Exo fanfiction is a writing site dedicated to exo, a popular south koreanchinese boy band. A type of fiction where it is believed that the author must be on crack to have written such a story because its so bizarre or off the wall often, a facial expression. Read juguemos a ser novios cap 11 from the story juguemos a ser novios chanbaek baekyeol by brigittesoo crystal heaven with reads. He becomes the ward of park chanyeol, an officer from a government branch composed of gifteds. Tons of matureexplicit ones with a dash of fluff and crack. Tilting your head, you deepened the kiss, allowing every ounce of destiny that had been withheld from the two of you to be freed, sealing your fates together as one for eternity. Devils advocate chanyeol x reader au series chapter. Devils advocate chanyeol x reader au series chapter 14 vampire.

I loved yixing to pieces in this fic, absolutely adorable fanxing. Its average word count ranges anywhere from five to 1,500 words, but the consensus is that the maximum tops out at 2,000. His voice is also deeper than what his face lets on, therefore this may shock certain people. Mostly for the lulz, and also because im slightly obsessive. He has a sister named park yoora, who is a former announcer at south korean broadcasting station ytn, and at mbc. Are generally written shamelessly and with no excuse beyond a desire to have fun. Chanyeol s arms instantly found purchase against your waist, pulling you into a hug as he brought his hands up to your shoulders. Its the usual slow monday night for chanyeol, wiping down the counters, humming along to the malls radio. Chanyeol is a soft hearted student who loves animals and books. Chanyeol speaks up about instagrammer lily maymac akp staff previously, a recent instagram follow exchange between exo s chanyeol and australian modelinstagrammer lily maymac had caused an.

Some seemingly so bad its horrible fics may actually be troll fics in disguise by means of stealth parody. A collection of naruto stories for those of us who like to poke fun at the things we love. A grotesque snap sounded behind you, sickeningly close to your ear. When chanyeol lets you borrow his favourite hoodie, youre not. The couch was just barely big enough to fit both chanyeol and baekhyun, but even so, chanyeol still took the outside spot, squishing baekhyun into the cushions and turning on an angle to make sure he didnt fall off. When chanyeol lets you borrow his favourite hoodie, youre not really. This website was created to give all fan fiction authors a place to post their stories on one website, making it easier to find the stories youve grown to love, as well as discover brand new ones. I mean, things were pretty alright before all this happened, chanyeol frowns. It was a perfect mix of angst, fluff, crack and more angst. Many things came easily to chanyeol his laughter, his loving words, his breath, his gentle touch, but the easiest of all was his blush. Im a little tired, so if you could get it chanyeol starts to say, but is interrupted when kyungsoo suddenly moves, spreading his body out on the couch and placing his head in chanyeols lap. A laugh behind him draws his focus and he smiles at the last two employees to leave.

So in order to both spred the joy of these amazing fics and keep my favorites from destruction, im gonna share them all here. Chanyeol is a techsavy, hardworking commoner with an utter hate for nobles. Read exo related stories or post your own and gain feedback from other fans. Someone who is a park chanyeol is usually tall, goodlooking and has a body crafted by gods. I actually went as joker a few halloweens ago chanyeol being like joker at the halloween party at sm chanyeol looks perfect rt exo down in any ways possible going as far as saying that we are losing a poll not over. Though written specifically to piss people off, owing. Followers are always right, meaning they always start with their right foot. I mostly read tvxq, super junior, shinee, infinite, and exo. Living in the same dorm as one of them was taking it a bit far though.

Emphasis on humor, parody, oneshots and general crack. Hes my ultimate bias and no matter how many i keep adding to my list i always end up back with this. I am going to break down the meaning of chanyeols tattoos. He was only ever this late when there was trouble, meaning hed most likely be. My friends, it has often been said that i like crack. Tonight, the skies are cowering under his hard stare and the sight makes him crack his neck to release a fraction of the tension spreading itself along his spine. Mj fiction a place for michael jackson fan fiction. He would also be able to play several different instruments well, and have a voice that can cure sicknesses and, at the same time, will require you to call the doctor.

See daniel dockerys take on fan fiction in 5 suprising things i learned writing awful fan fiction. Still, inviting bloodsuckers into their home was ludicrous, especially after what they had done to. Park chanyeol being an asshole works archive of our own. My chanyeol is so damn cute on this pic with baekhyun and an babay fromreturn of the superman. Exos chanyeols secret composer name reportedly discovered. With turn off i mean something that really kills any interest in keep reading a fanfic. Regarding love kyungsoo x reader semicrack fic part 1. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken english. This is a mix of straight up crack and fics that have a crack y premise but actually use that premise to drive forward a serious plot. Devils advocate chanyeol x reader au series chapter 14. The tentacle inside chanyeol pulls out, leaving chanyeol empty for only a moment before its thrusting back into him with a loud squelch. After a hospital full of people burns to the ground and leaves no corpses to be found in its wake, a concerned fire and police chief team up despite past relations to solve the case, uncovering in the process a dark piece of the small towns history.

When people with guns start hunting them down one by one and strange monsters attack them on the streets, they know they are in serious trouble and that they will have to work together to solve the mystery of who they are and why a secret world is out to get them. Extremely heartbreaking at some points, but yay for happy ending. Whether or not the fic is trying to be serious is hard to see or say. Always armed with canon defilement, intentionally aiming to fall just short of crossing the line twice, and heavy on the violence, death, and people generally acting like out of character prats. In its broadest sense, crack fic is any story whose premise and events would be completely implausible in canon. They cant stand each other for the love of life but stupid decisions made one night results in chaos that rains over their once fairly content lives. Multifandom fanfiction author moonbeam defined the term on their fanfiction terminology as of july 2005 as. These frequently include bizarre settings and explorations of improbable relationships between characters not merely unlikely in canon, as in foe yay, but totally irrational and turned up a notch beyond that, as in crack pairing. Just because they were a couple of dozen years younger than them, didnt mean they couldnt act responsibly. I was wondering if you remember abt some ff im looking for.

Chanyeol x reader as a fan, to be known by your idol is enough and is already a big deal but given the chance for an arrangement thatll intertwine you with him and change your life forever, would you still accept it knowing that being lucky and dreams wont be the same as they were when it co. Shivers ran through my body but i told myself not to cower from his gaze, so i met it in defiance. Chanyeol kris we are good 40 fucking thousand words of perfection, guys. Crack fic refers to stories in which completely ridiculous, unbelievable or insane things occur, often without reasonable explanation but great enjoyment.

According to a user from texas, united states, the name chanyeol is of korean origin and means fruitfulprofitable. Chanyeol hated when they called him and the others kids. Also called short shorts, nanotales, microstories, postcard fiction, or a personal favorite napkin fiction, flash fiction isnt just a pareddown short story. He attended hyundai high school in apgujeongdong, seoul. See more ideas about exo chanyeol, chanyeol and park chanyeol. Feb 09, 2017 exos chanyeol usually has a number of creative sideprojects alongside his group activities, and now it appears hes got a new venture going youtube.

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